Ddo issues in windows

Apr 18,  · DDO Startup issues on windows Check if it's a Steam overlay problem: Find the DDO executable and run it directly. I found my antivirus interfered with DDO so I made an exception, and now it is working. Cant even get the game to come on I get as far as choosing my server then it just CTD doesnt load crap. Aug 06,  · DDO has known problems with the graphics settings over Dx9 on some systems. If the launcher will load, try clicking the downward facing triangle, select Options, Repair, and Reset the game display settings. I think that will set it to run in Dx9 mode and fix your issues. Welcome to the Troubleshoot forum. This is a place to ask services, log-on and purchase issues on your DDO/Turbine fireinicediamonds.comgh none of us are Turbine employees, we **might** be able to assist you. Please head over to help desk if you are looking for help on .

Ddo issues in windows

Mar 11,  · If you are sure that your system meets the criteria to support DirectX 10 or 11 graphics modes in games, but do not get prompted to enable it, and the option is "greyed out" in Options, you may be running one or more of the game files in "Compatibility Mode" and most likely for an operating system that does not support DX10/11 (e.g. Windows XP). Mar 16,  · I have these problems too. Started on Windows 10, never an update - fresh clean install. My connection looks fine, if your character just refuses to move, then suddenly moves a few feet, then stops again - that is lag. It can be server side and never show up on your connection speed. The transition screen lock up also appears to be lag. Below is a copy of the Official known issues from the official DDO Forums. Maintained here as a reference for when the forums are offline. Please do not edit mistakes in this list (except to update the copy to match the forums), and rather add them to the player notes section.. Below the official known issues are features that are Working as Intended but may cause confusion. Jun 04,  · dont say its vista's fault OK i didnt work on windows xp either everything is upto date. so dont know why its doing this. Apr 06,  · Windows PC Technical Assistance COMMUNITY RULES: The Community Guidelines include important information about the rules we expect everyone to follow when using the DDO Forums. CLICK HERE for the Community Rules.Other than me having problem with this game on windows 10? For me it either gave me black screen or it stuck on the loading screen. I had to. Below is a copy of the Official known issues from the official DDO Forums. Windows users with desktop shortcuts pointed to "fireinicediamonds.com" may experience a. I don't have the definitive problem nailed down, but there are certainly In Windows 10 desktop with the DDO Client icon available on screen. I had the same issue - What fixed it for me is the DirectX web installer from Microsoft Here (automatic download). Somewhere your DirectX has. Both Lotro and DDO load and play fine, with one issue. No music. No sounds. Not only do the sounds not play, it kills ALL sounds - windows.

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